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What's book space?

Nestled within the grounds of Oasis Village, MindSpace brings you BookSpace. A community library from the continuation of one of the earliest rent-a-book store in Selangor, SS Readers Corner which was established in 1990 with over 30,000 book titles. A wide variety of genre which includes Non-Fiction, General Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adults, Teens, Children, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance and Classic Literature.

Our organisation’s diverse mission is to Educate, Entertain and Engage society through inclusive interfacing with other community groups to bring community to solutions and solutions to community. Visit for more info.

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Reading is free as long you spend in our cafe.

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We update dependencies to keep things fresh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Step 1: Buy the book at selling price.
b. Step 2: Return with BuyBack price (Before due date).
90 or 30 days (refer to renting details inside the book).
Consider the book is buyer's to keep.
Late fee is RM5 for every 2 weeks late from due date.
No. However if they apply as a member, they will get notification (due dates) and other (in the future) perks.

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